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Regarding BeetleHW - it (as of may 2019) still doesn't have Dynarec (I know there's a bounty for it, maybe in the future it will happen), so you can bump up all the gfx you want, but you'll get that precise "true 90s psx hardware" experience - meaning you can't get stable internal 30fps most of the times, unless you use GTE/CPU overclocks
Dynarec has nothing to do at all with what you're talking about; it will only decrease the hardware requirements, so a slower computer can achieve 50/60 FPS more easily (or it can get a faster fast-forward speed.)

The internal FPS of each game doesn't care at all about your real hardware or if you're using dynarec or interpreter. If a game runs like shit in real hardware, it will also run like shit in any decent emulator, unless you overclock use GTE/CPU overclocks, like you said.
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