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PCSX2 v0.8 configurator version 0.2

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Ok, I will start working on this new version soon (well, I have a Maths Analysis test on Saturday, and then I can do it), but I wanted to know if there are any new plugins I should include in the configurator. Currently I am using these:

GSdx9_sse2.dll (sse2 0.6)

SPU2null.dll (for more speed)

CD Dvd


DEv9, Usb, Firewire
Null plugins

Are there any others I should include? Also, if anyone can, please post the *.ini file with the best performance (for more speed, I mean) for the graphics and sound plugins! schattenberg88 had already send me his', but I wanna compare them with YOUR settings too. Thanks! :)
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Hum.... that's why I need to know what plugins people are currently using! I am currently using the same ones I used in February! :|
Hum, ok... these days I've been really busy (I even have some assembly projects to deliver on the 30th), but I will release a new version of the program as soon as possible...

However, I have a question for the team... is the configuration file for both emulator versions (I mean, SSE2 and "normal"version) the same?
Hum, I found it (downloaded them both and tried it), but thanks anyway! ;)
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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