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You can try it in .

This program is not good for advanced users, but it is quite useful for newbies.

Here stays some information, from the included "Read me first!.txt":

-> What's done?

- The program configures your emulator, but not ALL the plugins (by now,
it does not configure graphic plugin, cdvdrom plugin and sound plugin);

- You can select the name of your bios;

- You can select your language;

- You can toggle sound between on and off (off gives more speed...);

- You can toggle between compatibility and speed mode.

-> What's next?

- The program will ALSO configure your plugins;

- MAYBE it will have some specific configurations for better seeing some
of certain games, despite they are not playable yet;

- Perhaps you will be able to pick your language, at the start, and this
program will run in that language;

- Perhaps a Linux version of this program will be released;

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good work man i will test what is that but please It is better to say for v0.7 (Current released Version) than saying beta version ; you may confuse others with that ; i advice you to correct this please :) just All know that latest version is v0.7 and v0.8 is WIP and allowed for use by PCSX2 developers team Ok !
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