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Pcsx2 - Rom

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Hi, i've never had this problem before but could anyone shed some light on it for me?
I used Daemon as i couldn't find an ELF file for the game, DigimonW4DS.

Also if daemon is playing up which file do i target?

I can see the error, but how do i fix it
thanks in advanced.
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That's not how you do it.

If loading the disc image isn't working, then redump the game. Use DVD Decrypter and rip using ISO Read Mode or you can use Daemon Tool's Toolbar.
Try this:

If I were you....


I think.
Try again.
It has nothing to do with dvd/iso.
Your video card doesn't support Pixel Shader 2.0.
You could try some really old version of gsdx which still supported PS 1.4, or you can get a new gfx card.

What are your PC specs by the way?
yeh its like what Mad said, your GPU is probably ancient.

also this is the screen shots section, not the pcsx2 section...

Not having PixelShader 2.0 support, falling back onto 1.4 in GSdx or software rendering could be the best. Of course, the performance to expect from an old card without PS2.0 shouldnt be too significant.
Test 1 - 2

Operating System:		Windows XP* Home Edition
DirectX* Version:		9.0
Physical Memory:		509 MB
Minimum Graphics Memory:	1 MB
Maximum Graphics Memory:	96 MB
Graphics Memory in Use:		6 MB
Processor:			x86
Processor Speed:		2393 MHZ
> Mounted .iso
> Executed Pcsx2 0.9.6
> Lowered GSDX
> Run CD/DVD
1st attempt
Error 1#
Supported pixel shader version is to low
Supported: 0.0
Selected: 2.0

Error 2#
An unhandled or unrecoverable exception occurred, with the message:
The GS plugin failed to open/instialize.
Pcsx2 will no close. More details may be available via the emuLog.txt file.
> Mounted .iso
> Executed Pcsx2 0.9.6
> Run CD/DVD
2nd attempt
Error 1#
Error loading ect../et-digidw.iso

Error 2#
Error Opening CDVD Plugin
Dos window

any straght forward steps you can give me?
sorry for posting in wrong area.

i kept tweaking now all i keep getting is
every single time, then crashes.
Error 1#
Error Opening CDVD Plugin
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I know this doesn't directly answer your question, but a 2.4GHz Pentium 4 (worse if it's a Celeron like it may be), 512MB, Intel Extreme Graphics 2 PC isn't going to cut it, at all. The first error you got gives this as the reason (as the error suggests, I'm pretty sure the i865G supported no pixel shader version at all, and vertex shader 1.x). Even if you do get this working, it'll be beyond slow. You'll be looking at single digit framerates (especially if you have to resort to software rendering like I think you'd have to). You're possibly wasting your time on this for nothing. If you know this and still want to get it to work for the sake of it, then go ahead and ignore this, but otherwise, I suggest you save yourself the trouble and time.

cheers mate nice to know, this is an old pc 7yrs+ infact, but laptop on the way new GFX card new everything nicely updated so will try again with that. and i had a feeling, this pc has intergrated gfx card so not alot of chance it working ontop of the age.

back soon with new results ^^
And yeah, we hate pirates here that don't buy games but download them. So beware.
Error loading ect../et-digidw.iso << yeah, I also name my games this way..
So software rendering doesn't use the gpu at all? I've got a Geforce GTX 295 and I still prefer software rendering because hardware gives graphical errors that software doesn't.
Correct. The work is done by the CPU. It still takes a good enough GPU to be able to render it, but the CPU itself is doing the grunt of the work.
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