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PCSX2 Requires.

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First Hello.

I apologize for the Google Translation but unable to speak a word of English ...

I really want to play any particular PCSX2 has a FFXII and DBZBT3.Kingdom Heart I & II has good intentions and a constant 60 FPS (FPS NO DROP). Thus has DOLPHIN and other emulators.

To do so I plan to change configuration.

So I thought a:

AMD Phenom X4 II 955.Mais he lacks instructions SSSE3 and SSSE4 THERE ... Will meet my expectations?.

Intel Q9550 Instruction SSE4.1.

Or Intel E8400 Instruction SSE4.1.

Should I overclock?.

Knowing that I want a configuration that allows me to play the latest games for at least 2 years with a resolution of 1680 * 1050.

The graphics card is a Sapphire 4850 512 MB Vapor-X.

Thank you for responding by taking into account first PCSX2 let me apologize for this translation must sting the eyes.

Thank you very much.
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All of those games run flawlessly on a Phenom II 955 at stock speeds. I can vouch for that much at least. Speedhacks are required for fullspeed in DBZ:TB3.
Hum even FFXII?.

I mean constant 60FPS. (no fps drop a 30-40-50) in mining towns / invocation of espers.

What is the maximum resolution that can have a FFXII and other games (KH, BT3 ...) with what I mentioned?.

I guess it's a matter of configuration, I saw it with FFX ... He turned to me a 40 FPS now has 60 Constant and drop a 55-40 (40 at a screen with many people / enemies on the screen that I avoided in FFXII ...).

Especially since you have a 24 "so if it works with you has so much speed it should not lag on a 22" 1680 * 1050 ...

You is socket AM2 + or AM3?.

Thank you for answering ^ ^ '.
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There may be frame drops in FFXII in a few rare scenes. If this is the case, just turn on some speedhacks to ensure a full 60fps. You can also download the latest PCSX2 beta SVN as it has additional speedhacks and optimizations.

Maximum resolution is equal to the maximum supported resolution of your monitor. In my case it's 1920x1200.

Yes. It's always a matter of configuration.

Most games run perfect at 1680x1050.

Socket AM3.

No problem.:)
I spoke well on the game resolution imposed in the DX10 settings GSDX ...

I'm Native and I'm running at 15 FPS with more than the 0.96 beta (Thanks ^ ^).

I'm going to knock on the door I thought AMD, however, that the fact that there have not SSE4-SSSE3 would be problematic, but apparently not ^ ^.
What is the best config to play in a higher resolution than Native on PCSX2 in a constant 60 FPS:

Kingdom Hearts (1 AND 2)
Budokai Tenkaichi 3
Star Ocean

So's: Dolphin (60 FPS constant), ePSXe, N64 etc ...

And about good number of RPG valid:).

I spotted this:

AMD Phenom ™ X4 II 955 Black Edition
Sapphire Radeon ™ HD 4850 512 MB Vapor-X
Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P
Extrem sport3 Kit G. Skill 2 x 2GB PC12800 Trident Series

Or this:

Intel ® Core ™ 2 Quad Q9550
Sapphire Radeon ™ HD 4850 512 MB Vapor-X
Extreme2 Kit G. Skill 2 x 2GB PC8500 PI Black
Asus P5Q-VM

Can I take the DDR2 AM2 + or AC leads to a decrease in performance compared with AM3 DDR3?.
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Sorry for the up, but I thought it was better than any other topic

I did not yet decided the time and since I have one last question (given the recent fall in prices)

Is it that I can run at 60 FPS on PCSX2 with a 965?

Is the D3D internal resolution depends on the graphics card or processor? AC is what affects the FPS? and finally, does a Sapphire 4870 may allow me to play in 1024 *?
Can run at 60 FPS on PCSX2 with a 965?
The 965 is faster than the 955, so yes. You can also easily OC it or just turn on some speedhacks.

Is the D3D internal resolution depends on the graphics card or processor?
Graphics card.

AC is what affects the FPS?


Does a Sapphire 4870 may allow me to play in 1024 *?
A 4850 can offer good speed at 2048x2048. The 4870 should have no problem at lower resolutions.
To clarify masta.g.86's posts, you might need some speedhacks in order to have consistent near 60FPS performance.

Also, the AMD processor is slightly better than the Intel processor you specified, but the motherboard in the Intel is slightly better than the one used on the AMD processor. If you're a experienced overclocker, you can get more overclock (With an aftermarket cooler.) on the Intel one due to the mobo, but on stock, the AMD processor would get better results.

As for Dolphin. Good luck with that. It might not be possible with the current hardware. Maybe in the future. :)
Intel : Clock to clock faster, good overclocker, but upgrade path is sealed as the platform is dying
AMD : Good overclocker, cheap, updgrade path is guaranteed for at least 2+ years

Honestly though I found my tri core phenom 2 @ 3.2 is sufficient for playing almost all of my games for pcsx2 and dolphin. If you plan to do high res, going AMD route then invest the money for graphic cards is smarter imo.
When I said the Q9550 versus AMD 965 I was talking about a well-frequency equivalent ...

Does the SSE4 is really determined?

Finally I could play a: KH1, 2, FFX, FFXII, etc in Tenkaichi Good Resolutions (4870) and a constant 60 FPS (no fps DROP) (965).

Finally, why does not work in dolphin? : s
I can't decode your first question. :(

SSE 4 does help but not much afaik.

YES, you could.

what does not work? try the latest svn and use the D3D plugin.
All Square games run fairly well on Pcsx2

Is that in D3D when we put such resolution 1620 * 1050 (Internal D3D) with 4870 is that it weakens the FPS already obtained by the processor (and therefore in this case constant 60 FPS) with speed hack?

For as my PC is 100% for the game means that 50% emulation of any kind I would be about what I do:).

(If someone has already tested:).

Should I take a 5850 to 4870 anticipate or DX11 yet?.
A gtx260 is all you really need for PS2 emulation

PCSX2 shouldn't require much video power. I don't remember getting FPS drops, when going into a higher internal res on GSDX. Even on my Radeon 3850.

DirectX10 usage should also help FPS rates as well.

In that case LLC I'd suggest looking at what PCI-E speed your video card is running right now it might be set to a lower speed than 16x.
Get 5850 if you can afford, not only in emulation you'll benefit in pc games too.
They advised my i5 to intel ... what is the percentage difference with the 965 BE?!

-If someone has already tested what the influence of SSE4?

-If someone has already tested, what is the turbo boost of i5 in dual core?.

I said that the PC will be a 50% PCSX2 (high resolution and 60 fps) and 25% dolphin then 25% PC games.

Nanaya has what games you play and how many FPS / Reso

So that you have the FPS drop.
Many games run fine on my phenom II 720 e.g. persona 3/4, suikoden v, dragon quest 8 (must run at native), haven't noticed much of performance drop unless i crank up the graphic res (my vga is bottlenecking with it's measly 256MB ram).

If you can afford i5 go for it, it spank 965BE at price and performance (check the bench at site like techpowerup or anandtech).
But if a frequency equal the only advantage is SSE4 ...

Is it so useful?

The VII does not work with you because of your graphics card or processor? (reso native) ...

Did you test other games Square from this one?

(I have no experience of overclocking and I therefore avoid the i5 ...)

As I have said is for Dolphin PCSX2 and I need it especially so ...
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