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pcsx2 problems - runnin on windows7

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basically my hard drive is preventing me from running it. ive since then uninstalled it. i cant remember the exact message the system reported to me but it said something about hard drive compression i believe. i was wonderin if this was a compatibility issue with windows7 or is it that i didnt install the upgrade on a new partition?
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Re-ran directx setup and then uninstalled all of PCSX2.
Installed, configured, and I now have NO problems.
BTW for all who doesn't think AMD CPUs are good, my lowest score on the Windows Experience Index is a 4. :lol: I knew my system had what it takes!
But you all were very helpful and I still would be suffering if it wasn't for all the help I got from thx alot! :thumb:
My favorite one I love playing is ROCKY LEGENDS (AKA ROCKY2)
For the ones who are in's some proof for ya.
I think my main issue was to configure the GS Plugin for SSE2 DirectX10 Hardware and do a x2 speed hack option. Running GREAT and beating the highest scores! :D (I thought maybe I was dream'n at first...ya know from all that sleep deprivation that I've undergone for about a week now):heh:
If anyone has any ?'s or if I could be of some help...feel free to let me know as I am the type who likes to give back when I get.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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