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pcsx2 problems - runnin on windows7

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basically my hard drive is preventing me from running it. ive since then uninstalled it. i cant remember the exact message the system reported to me but it said something about hard drive compression i believe. i was wonderin if this was a compatibility issue with windows7 or is it that i didnt install the upgrade on a new partition?
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Here's the REAL sad part...I have like the latest and greatest (not to bragg or anything) laptop out there. It's a Genuine AMD x2 running with an ATI Radeon, 3GB RAM, and like about 200GB HD Space!!!
Yeah, I don't want to rain on your parade about your pride with your laptop, but that CPU is budget level now, the GPU is really a budget level IGP (integrated joke), and 200GB of space is nothing these days. 3GB RAM is okay, but nothing special either. I hate to say it, but that's not even close to the latest and greatest, not even for a laptop. If that were a desktop, it'd be a joke (not by itself, but compared to the real latest and greatest).

The CPU is barely good enough for PCSX2, and the IGP will limit you even more. Since those are the two most important parts for PCSX2, you're kind of stuck. I mean, I'm sure it's a wonderful laptop, but sometimes people go overboard thinking new equals fast or powerful. To get a top of the line laptop, I think you'd be looking at about at least $1500. A $700-$800 laptop will be good, but basic (maybe a step above at most) PC.

As for your problem getting it running, post how you have PCSX2 configured (at least the video plug-in, but the CPU and other main ones would help too).
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