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I have just installed PCSX2 for the first time, I have installed all of the correct BIOS, the correct graphics drivers and other plugins. When I go to open the standard version of PCSX2 I get an error message popup saying 'Cannot allocate mem addresses 0x20000000-040000000, err: 487'.

Yet I am able to open the TLB (non VM) version successfully, and I can load up a game (although it does stutter a lot on the intro movies and has weird sound/graphics issues with the stuttering). I have also updated my DirectX9 and graphics card drivers to the latest versions.

My PC spec is:

Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2180 Overclocked to 3GHz (stock speed is 2GHz)
2GB DDR2 Ram (there is usually about 1.6/1.7GB free when I'm at the desktop with minimal processes and applications running)
Radeon HD 3850 256MB (PCI-E x16)
Windows XP SP3

Does anyone have any idea why it won't let me open the normal version of PCSX2? And when I do try to run a game on the TLB (non VM) version I get a lot of stuttering etc? And how can I solve these problems?

Thanks for your help.

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There is no VM or TLB versions anymore, there is just pcsx2.exe.

get the latest version.
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