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the only thing i see that is different from when i boot the program is that it displays the ps2 splash screen, whereas mine boots directly into the actual games splash screen. i doubt, but at the same time am unsure that it would be a product of the graphics plugin, but you could try. what i think it would be is possibly your bios file. i won't suggest downloading a different version, but maybe there's a way to alter the one you have, or re-dump it in a way that bypasses it. it just seems that it might be trying to load he ps2 os which could cause grief on an emulator, possibly.

i use the bios from the slimline model, which i got at gamestop for only 60 bucks. might be worth the money if it fixes the problem.


though i have experience in psx emulation, i've only just delved into ps2 emulation since getting my new computer and you may want to poke around or ask someone else before dropping any cash, as i could be way off target here.
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