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<div>PCSX2 is very close to the 0.8 release now.&nbsp; The translation
file, cpu detection library, and the new 0.8 plugin specifications are
now avaliable on the PCSX2 homepage.</div>
<div>Ok first you can now find the new translation files for PCSX2 0.8 in
the download section,with a txt included explaining how you can do
it.Note that <strong>before making any translation</strong> email Shadow ([email protected] ) informing him of the language you want to translate into.
Cpu detection library is at the download section too,which has been
posted in case anyone wants to either improve it or use it in his
Finally,the new 0.8 specifications(v0.6.0) have been
released so that people can update their plugins according to them(for
the time being only PeopsCDVD doesnt follow them :p)
As you can already imagine,PCSX2 0.8 is very close,stay tuned :)</div></blockquote>
<div>» All new downloads can be found at PCSX2's <a target="_blank" href="">download page</a></div>
<div>» PCSX2 <a target="_blank" href="">homepage</a> </div></div>

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i don't know if they would like a portuguese translation or if they already got it but i'm already doing it

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Bobbi said:
Just testing something, feel free to ignore me :)
You shouldn't really say that, while a emulation Dog like me is waiting for this release.:p
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