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Pcsx2 Plugins

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I hate to ask what I'm sure ya'll will deem to be a "stupid question", but I AM new to emulation programs, so hopefully ya'll wont be TOO cruel to a simple NOOB like So here's my question...

Does the newest version of pcsx2 come with all the necessary plugins, or do I need to download each individually? If I need to download them, could someone please list exactly which ones I need?
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Yup. It comes with all the needed plugins. After that, you can download extra plugins on the PCSX2 website's download page or here.
(extra plugins are, say, Pad plugins with fancy extra functionalities, USB or Dev9 plugins...)

For the next time, I advise you download the package and see before asking. It'll
probably avoid you having to create such threads.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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