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PCSX2 Mac- Sound plugin stuttering! HELP!

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So, everything else is working fine except for my graphic and sound plugin. My graphics are tolerable (I'm using ZZ Ogl(Dev) 0.17.156 ). I have two sound plugins, one: SPU2null 0.80 and two: P.E.Op.S. SPU2 SDL 1.9.0. For the first I hear no sound, and for the second it stutters and lags horribly. My fps rate is about 50-60, which is pretty good.

I don't think my mac's specs are required because I don't think the issue is with that. My mac has good specs.

But I was hoping someone could provide me with a link to a better graphic/ and sound plugin for the PCSX2 MAC. I've searched online everywhere, but I keep stumbling upon the same two. Or atleast another name of a working plugin for a mac that I can google?

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This is the official site, so if updated plugins aren't listed, then they likely don't exist.
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