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Official or not?

  • Yes

    Votes: 7 87.5%
  • No

    Votes: 1 12.5%
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Ok this is a help file made by Abbasjin(yes i know he can be lame,but lets not consider that :p)
Its actually a compilation of various guides/faqs and the PCSX2 readme file.
Personally,i think its quite good and will help lots of people,since not everyone visits the forum.
So vote,do you want it to be an official help file or not?
Take into account this is not a final,it can be changed if needed
Ofcourse if some of the devs dont want it,it will not be made official
(Note: this thread will be moved and deleted after the poll is done so it wont bug our list)

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im for it, linuz was ok with it afaik, dunno about the rest, but i had a look at it, seems very comprehensive :)

will have to put it in the help/about menu on pcsx2 for easier access so we can distribute them together.

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voted yes, even if he can be really lame sometimes, if he doesn't say he is a pcsx2 dev just for that, it's ok :p the help file isn't so bad anyway.
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