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This is a thread dedicated to bug reporting and giving support to users having problems.
Thread rules
1)DO NOT report game problems like game X is not running,game Z has messed up graphics,game y used to work with 0.7 as bugs!These are due to incomplete emulation and are not the subject of this thread
2)DO NOT report error messages displayed from PCSX2's console as bugs,these fall into rule number 1
3)Read the configuration guide!The answer to your problem might easily be there.PCSX2 Configuration guide thread
4)Try to include the most information possible along with your report,that means PC specs,PCSX2 build(normal,devs or SSE2) plugins used,BIOS version and everything else you might think that could be useful

Any post breaking these rules will be deleted in due time

Ill try my best to help people with problems but please dont ruin this thread with useless/stupid posts.Thanks

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Well i will start. :) When im running the emulator (for example the bios) and press reset, then i can't run bios again.(i press run and shows me nothing)

pcsx2SSE2-0.8.1 Default settings (Except CDVD null driver 0.6)
(this happens in all bios version SCPH10000, SCPH39001, SCPH30004R V6)

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I found one, more towards the debugging side, could be either pcsx2 or gsdx9 at fault

if you run the emu, escape, open the debugger, click go, escape out of emulation again, go back into the debugger and click go again, from then you cant escape out of the emulation, you can only end the task

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Ex0skelet0r about your first report,GSdx9 is known to have problems if you go back to the GUI and try to resume/reset emulation,try that with GSsoft
About your second report,we dont know which input plugin you are talking about! Dont forget to post what youre using

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BIOS Time/Date Bug
In PCSX2 v0.7 Time/Date can be set up and when you reset or start up PCSX2 v0.7 next time Time/Date were reading from system Time/Date.

In PCSX2 v0.8 & 0.8.1 when i set Time/Date in bios and then press (X) to save changes, PCSX2 simply reset it to default.

Tested on scph10000 Japan v01.00, SCPH30004R Europe v01.60, scph39001 USA v01.60.

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And also not forgetting the ntdll.dll problem. Would appreciate if it could get fixed soon instead of having to use the develop version...

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Pad Plugin

Well then.. first of all: great work guys! Im happy to see the progress from pcsx2 v0.3 to 0.8.1 All i can say: great work.

Well it isnt really a bug but.. the pad plugin isnt compatible to my gamepad (Playstation2 gamepad with Xinga psx to PC usb adaptor) Maybe you can insert a Windows-detection of installed gamepads ans joysticks. That you can choise your input device like Keyboard or the installed gamepads/joysticks. In VB i isnt a problem to write a plugin.. but in c++ :D

Well maybe you can program some plugin like this..

Greetz from Germany

[email protected]

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I really like this project and I really would like to help in the development process and get rid of this ntdll.dll bug.
I am experiencing it on two completely different machines (at work and at home).

Short description what happens (note: standard install, no additional plugins; it doesn't matter if it's SSE2 or normal version; it doesn't matter if I have BIOS files or not):
When I start the Program for the first time, the configuration dialog opens, I do nothing and press OK to close it.
The "inis" directory is created with "pcsx2.ini" inside.
Then I start the program again and that's what happens:
The directories "memcards" and "sstates" are created, both empty.
The file padLog.txt is created, empty.
I don't reach the main window, instead I get this error:
with this details:

Can I help you any further?

Greetings from Austria! :)

System specs (home computer):
Athlon 64 3500+
Corsair TwinX 1024MB RAM
ATI Sapphire X800 Pro PCIe (Catalyst 5.4)
Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS
Windows XP Professional SP2
Directx 9.0c

System specs (work computer; don't know the exact specs):
Pentium 4
2048 MB RAM
ATI Onboard Graphics (Radeon 9100IGP)
Onboard Sound
Windows 2000 Professional SP4
Directx 9.0c
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