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you're going to need to give alot more information than that for anyone to help you.
Thats like saying "i am in pain, i hurt. plz tell me whats wrong"
It doesnt work that way=)

Take screenshots of all of your settings, as well as your exact system specifications.
Also make sure to tell us which DirectX version you're using and if your video card drivers are up to date.

like this:
(screenshot of pcsx2 configuration)
Video Card:
Processor and speed:
Memory and speed:
Direct X version:
Are all drivers up to date?
Are you overclocking the system at all?

If you can fill in the blanks i will check back later and would be more than happy to help you try and solve your issue.


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Well there are a number of reasons this could be happening.
Which game are you using? it may not be supported yet.
Are you sure you have the iso loaded correctly in linuz iso CDVD plugin?
Are you 100% sure the iso is ripped correctly, and is the correct format? it could be damages.

You need to be very specific with every little detail or i would be guessing as to what the problem is.
I think one of the 3 things i just mentioned is your issue.
Corrupted iso.
Iso not correct format. (compressed? for whatever reason)
Iso not loaded correctly.
Game not supported.

Try to rule out a few of those and come back after you have more information and i'll try to give you more specific advice.
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