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PCSX2 crashes

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i am trying to run a "Rogue Galaxy" ISO but it doenst work for me.
As some of you know there are the "Chapter 7 freeze" which means between chapter 7 and 8 of this game u get a blackscreen and so it cant go on.
Because of this i have made a new ISO with psychofish´s ripkit but it wont even start.

All I get is this:
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I think that just says PCSX2 stopped working. Go to your PCSX2 folder and click on the logs folder. Open emulog.txt and post what's in it.
its because he downloaded the single layer version which has the later chapters erased to fit on the single layer... meaning you are a pirate and you need to read the forum rules to see why we cant give you any support
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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