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Hi everyone. I've done a few hours of research on here about ps2 emulation, including reading the guide about setup and following it exactly.

I get to the part about configuring mem cards, so I set my CD plugin to CDVDnull Driver 0.6.0 and go Run > Execute. The system loads, but after the initial startup screen I get a "pcsx2 0.9.6exe has stopped working" message and boom crash.

I have the same outcome when I use the Linuz ISO cdvdrom plugin and mount an ISO image.

The only two ideas I personally have for why this is happening is either my system specs are too low, or some bright RED messages I'm getting in the Ps2 Output log during startup.

The RED messages I'm getting are:
rom1 not found
rom2 not found
erom not found

Not sure if these unfindable roms should cause the system to crash when I'm attempting to boot without an image to configure mem cards though..

My system is
AMD Turion X2

For graphics, I believe it is an ATI Radeon 3100

I know my specs are pretty low, but I expected to be able to run the system in poor quality.

Any help would be appreciated before I start throwing stuff at the wall. :)
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