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The PCSX2 configurating guide has been updated for version 0.9.8 .

The latest version can be consulted HERE (English).

Translations are available HERE.

Current guide versions (for 0.9.8)

Finished Translations:

Spanish - Shadow Lady
Czech - Tsbook
Hungarian - bmate
Japanese - DeltaHF

Translations in progress - dropped

Arabic - abdo123
Croatian / Bengali - recoder
Hindi - XcaliburXI
Russian - El_Diablos (0.9.7)
French - kihsu (0.9.7)
Traditional Chinese - pcsx2fan

The whole list can be browsed here.
Your language is missing? Consider helping with that. Applications to submit translated guides can be submitted right here.

The old guides for for the previous PCSX2 versions can still be browsed here.
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Not open for further replies.