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PCSX2 Config Manager

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Hey guys, Ive been using pcsx2 for quite some time and its been working great on my system, but I have a question about the configs.

Im looking for a way to manage configurations for different games since some requier certain settings, etc. I want to use the emulator with a front end and it would make things alot easier if I had a way (via a command line or a gui app) to have pcsx2 launch already configured for a certain game.

Ive looked around myself as much as I could and I did find a couple in the forums here: PS2Launcher and configsaver

Both of these look great and certainly cover the goal of managing profiles, unfortunately I havent gotten either to work on my system, so Im looking for any alternatives that might be out there. Thanks for any input you can give.

Of course, if I could get either of the above apps to work, that would be great. Im not even sure if they are suppose to work in Vista 64bit from reading the threads about them.

My System:

Intel E8600
4GB Ram
Nvidia 8600GT 256MB
Windows Vista 64bit
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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