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Pcsx2 Beta tester preview.

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Im working on a movie, very early stages, that will give the public a taste of what we have gotten done. I wanna have a pcsx2 logo in the begining and stuff. What I need from u guys are some good action movies from other games I dont have. IPU and ingame 3d to fill the rest of this movie. Check out what I got now, I think I did a pretty good job for only working on it for 2 hours.

leave any ideas you might want to put in it also.
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Beta Tester Teaser V3

I removed the fades till I finalize the move. I added Ckemus logo he made for pcsx2 with the picture in picture effect. Added RE:Code and alot of other games. Still looking for about 45 secs of video and leave some ideas for some still shots at the end for the credits. My mp3 editor messed up the quilty on the song when i edited it down a little so excuse that, I have to rerip it before it goes final. A few timming problems in this one but ill have them fixed by final.
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