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A new beta for PCSX2 has been released.

Get it here
PCSX2 official beta and beta plugins

Krakatos said:
Ok, here comes a new beta. Since last one, work has been done mainly on the branches.
Now with this beta you can choose to use microvu by selecting the 2 additional options under the cpu panel. This is a beta! Expect breakage. And it IS slower, for now at least.

If you have microvu bugs to report, use this thread
Microvu bug reports official thread

Pcsx2 beta 1329
- Microvu added as an additional cpu option. To use it, enable both the new options in the cpu tab. Expect problems.
- Quite some work on vif, gif and path 3. Quite a few of the games that had problems with 1190 due to this should now work.
- Increased the EErec's stack memory from 64k to 128k, since there's no reason to be frugal there anymore
- Improved the cpu speed/ghz detection. It should be a bit more accurate, and is faster (pcsx2 startup times are near instantaneous now)
- Some emitter changes
- Some general cleanups to vtlb's memory protection and recompiled block
integrity checking systems.
- Usual code cleanups and optimizations

Known issues:
Front mission 4 hangs
Ar tonelico 1 hangs
Many Gust games show black screen (ar tonelico 2, atelier iris 3...). To solve, press F1 when that happens (yeah, random... but hey it kinda works)


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Well its really fast here.
With an older beta, it ran Castlevania LOI with all speed hacks around 40~50fps.
Now its running around 55~75fps!
It even run with VU Cycle Stealing on max, w/out breaking anything.

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Yeah those new changes in the emu are great even if i didn't tried this new version, I just know that it will be better then the last one.
The only reason for me to not try it out is I want to wait with it till my new pc is put together with an all new 4 core amd (I just hope that it will work with it even if just one or two of it's cores will get work) I think with that new thing I will finally try playing my RPG's and my little bror can play his games on my console on his TV then (I think he just plays GTA on it or hears music...)

Last time I played something with this emulator was last year, I think it was Atelier Iris 2 (was fully playable while running with full speed:thumb:)

Well I hope to see more good work here once in a while because this emu and it's devs ar rocking the hell out of this place just like all the other emulator makers here!:thumb:

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well i'm also looking forward to trying this out with a new Intel Core i7 pc when i finally get round to putting one together ;) although it's a shame sony can't release some sort of pci express 2 emotion engine for a pc
now that would be fantastic:thumb:

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i can run NeoGeo Battle Coliseum [SLUS-21708], King_of_Fighters_XI, all perfect with full speed.
but capcom beat em ups like CAPCOM_VS_SNK_2 have graphical errors.

Silly me, I forgot what thread I was reading, and thought, gee when were these arcade games added to emulation! ROTFLMAO ;)

Yeah they are great PS2 games and I like them with the PS2 wireless controllers.

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