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pcsx2 64bit is finaly here

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Compiled a win64 pcsx2 beta
it has many problems i think but we must figure out if it works at first ;)
Anyone with
amd64 + win64 available?
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Unfortunately my machine really doesn't like XP-64 at the moment due to SATA drivers locking in PIO Mode4, and missing drivers for numerous other bits of h/w
Well I have an AMD64 as you know, and RC1 will be with me within the next day or so :D
Ck: It'll be most likely arrive tommorrow. :D

Anyways, I have RC1 setup here and is running any major hitches (well except for the lack of working printer/scanner). If anyone is having problems finding drivers take a look over @ . They've hacked together drivers for most of the missing important stuff.

BTW anyone with a radeon card best forget about xp64. The drivers are next to impossible to find, only have dx support (last I looked), and are about as stable as a mad cow wearing rollerskates.
I tried there. My SATA controller was still stuck in PIO Mode. It appears to be a common issue

>Well I have an AMD64 as you know, and RC1 will be with me within the next day or so :D

RC2 is now out.
Yes, but it's not available in the CPP yet, only officical testers can access the windowsbeta website.

*edit Just checked mine and SATA is using UDMA4 here. Although mine isn't the pro version of the via chipset
What board you running on, Beta?
See the thing is, the abit site for my board is crap it seems to think I have both the Si3112 and the Via SATA controller. Problem is: only two ports. Only one controller. In XP, either driver works. In XP64, neither driver works.
Mines an Abit Kv8 MAX3. It has 6 SATA ports altogether, 2 belong to the via chipset the other 4 are the silicion image one. That said, I'm only using the via controller ATM.
Hmm.... Dunno then. Maybe I'll wait for hte full release to appear, or perhaps I'll put in another drive....
RC1 has turned up in the mail, thanks betamax ;) Gonna partition and installl later! :D
Just thought I'd meantion that rc2 is now downloadable for joe public via the cpp. :)
Ok installed XP64...
Seems like whenever i try to run the emulator(run cd or execute) it exits itself :p
Also MMX/SSE/SSE2 is not detected,thus i cant even switch to recompiler since it says it needs atleast MMX
hmm the problem should be at GSopen() i suppose .... Need to test it with another gs plugin as soon as i compile gssoft64 ;D
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