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pcsx2 64bit for XP-64

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This is the pcsx2 for the 64bit version with all plugins, only works ok in interpreter mode.
Lets see comments.
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There are some unneeded files on pcsx2bin.rar . Just ignore them or delete :p
lazy gold

cdvd plugins for the new protocol
i haven't compile a 64bit exe that use that plugins yet so keep them until me or someone else post a new beta ;P
beta up to latest cvs 09/04/05

pcsx2 is up to latest cvs so as the plugins
only these plugins seems to work okay..
waiting gabest for a new gsdx9 :~

there is a crash on exiting when you use Recompiler that is a bug i didn't trace yet :p

Report any bugs or compatibility screenshots on these thread . Thanks and remember that rec isn't even close to finish :p

NOTE: cdvdbin seems buggy. it is not 64bit fault but probably linuz didn't fix it well. Use cdvdiso for games till linuz fix the bugs he created again :p
wow !
shadow is not lazy anymore :thumb: :smash: :thumb:
noone is reporting something? guess noone tested it :~
Maybe once I've ironed out a few problems with x64 :p
Erm well you haven't included the x64 vc2005 runtime dll (msvcr80.dll) in the plugins pack. So gssoftdx isn't able to load. It's next to impossible to find that file on the web too since it's in beta ;).

BTW is gssoftdx loading hard coded in? When I remove that plugin the core still trys to load it.
on request of shadow :p

The required msvcr80.dll :p :p :p :p :p

Now go Test0r you 64bit-whores!!!! :p
That did the trick. :)

Anyways I'll take a proper look later. However gssoft crashes if you have window themes enabled. I checked this with both the normal uxtheme.dll and the winblinds x64 beta (wblind64.dll), so it's probably unlikely that it's a fault at windows end :(. Still I thought I'd better mention it in case anyone else gets the same errors ;).
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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