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I just installed Vista (32 bit), and have installed Service Pack 1 for Vista plus VGA and mobo drivers.

I read somewhere that PCSX2 performs better with DirectX10, but so far with Rogue Galaxy and Valkyrie Profile 2, I didn't notice a significant improvement. Can anyone confirm that DX10 is better than DX9 for PCSX2.

Oh, one more thing, I tried to run PCSX2 0.9.6 (but i think a slightly older version one) and Playground version, and it tells me to update my directX. My question, I have Vista, which have DX10, so do I need to install DX9, because I read that PCSX2 0.9.6 require DX9 to run?

And, sometimes while using the working version (the latest beta), if I chose to use the gsdx10 plugin, the game can run (despite unimproved speed compared to DX9), but if i used the gsdx9 plugin (i think the latest one too) where we can choose to use DX10 renderer, when i run the game, pcsx2 will crash, producing a generic vista error "PCSX2 has stopped working" . What is that?

thanks for the answer... oh yeah, can someone tell me games that do perform better using Vista?
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