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I need help with cheating since CB and stuff doesnt work.

Ive read a few FAQs on how to cheat but none of them seem to work for me, ive tried converting codes a bunch of different ways but none work for either Persona 4 or FF X. Like for example:

Persona 4 - XP Code

After battle exp modifier 2x
2021e00c 10000004
2021e010 00021040
2x= 040
4x= 0c0
8x= 100

So i try the 2x and put it in the converter and get
2AE4EF9A 10000004
2AE50B9A 00021040

but i read somewhere you need to replace the first 2s with 0s, so ive tried it as the original, the converted with 0s and the converted with 2s, none of them work. im at a loss on how exactly this cheat thing works.

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Well... if you're using the "Patch Browser" to try and implement your codes, there is where your problem lies. I had a problem where my codes made the emu freeze up when I tried to go into the game (I was using the patch browser and had "enable patches" selected).

According to the configuration faq that is pinned up... the Patch Browser isn't operational yet. Official English PCSX2 configuration guide

Anyway, I hope this helps you... :)
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