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PCSX2 0.8 Soul Calibur 2

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Well i tested out soul calibur 2 on the emu got some minimal sound , it saved to memory card, and began playing the intro sequence the colors are alittle off and has some glitches but it does play it , also i got it into a battle but its just a black screen with only the text showing for menu's and stuff, as well as the picture being upside down when it said "Battle" "Fight!" thats how i know its upside down.

"Versus Mitsurugi"
Square button " Payback!" (talim)
thats about all the sound i got out of that then it went corrupt when i was blindly trying to move a character around and hit attack without seeing anything lol.

For this early in the game im quite impressed and the fact that your taking advantage of new cpu features (SSE2, and x86-64 in the future) and the progress that has been made so far.
Continue the goodness.
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and why didn't you attach any pics? :(
well for one i will in a second here, just give me a few minutes to put together some.

Ok i posted in the screenshots thread:
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