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PCSX2 0.8 GUI Concept

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Well shadow wants a new GUI. In his words 'I want something like dolphins buttons'. Well I sure ain't gonna clone dolphin, but here is a quick concept piece I whip'd up.

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can't all the icon be on the top side of the panel only?
Making 2 toolbars is lazy :p
shadowpcsx2 said:
can't all the icon be on the top side of the panel only?
Making 2 toolbars is lazy :p
Don't you mean "One toolbar would be easier, so I can be lazy, two is too much work" ;) :p

I split it iinto two for several reasons:

#1: Looks better
#2: Conf is at the bottom, run / load at the top, defines and seperates them.
#3: All on one bar looks cramped, unless I make the window bigger. (Each icon is 32x32).

Anyhow, I'll keep playing with the idea, once I have had some sleep :D
Hmmm now that is a very well thought out concept. Power and help buttons at the corners which is very good. A couple of comments though.

1. Maybe it would be wiser to place the eject button next to the help button. That way the top bar mirrors the standard "vcr" button layout. Ppl are more comfortable if it resembles something they are used to.
2. For beginners you will need some way of explaining what each icons purpose is. Eg// changing the status bar text to give a description when hovering, tooltips, or having a similar icon in the menus.
3. Wrt the bottom bar it would probably be better to list the items in the same order as they appear in the config menu.
4. IMHO the one area that is still weak from the interface point of view is the plugin selection dialog . That is so busy it's enough to scare anyone :D.
Oh noes ck making "concepts" again :p :p
I think the best gui would be dolphin's with pcsx2 stuff on it :D
well 2 toolbars one on the top and one on the bottom will give less rendering area + it will need a lot adjustments to gui +plugins in order not to cut something ;P

so 1 toolbar pls thanks ;P
shadow, stop being's a beautiful gui...use it...we gs plugin authors have to adjust...we will.:) so u have no more excuses:p:p Get To WORK!!!
Autohide the lower toolbar, which isn't likely to be used during emulation?
yah i like it too... but can't we put all the icons on the top and size up the window a bit ?:p
Well all comments noted, and thanks, generally good feedback from what was a first idea / first draft. Now that I actually know in detail what shadow is planning (I never knew he wanted rendered output in the same window as the toolbars!!), I am gonna spend some time making a full blown skin for PCSX2. Proberbly spend alot more time on it.

Thanks for the idea Betamax, as always good ideas :D Hehe, should of asked you first for VCR layouts ;)
if we make it skinable and get the public more into it. I bet that would be alot better. even run a contest for a beta test spot for who can make the best skin.
Why run a conest for a beta tester spot, that'd be daft if they're no good at betatesting, don't have any range of games etc ;) :p Betatesting isn't about having it before everyone else, it's about helping the devs ;)
i know but it would cause buzz and more hits to the webpage and more money for the devs and the fourms.
We cant risk giving betas to unreliable people,they might leak it...i think something like that is out of the question.We could arrange a prize of some other form though :)
maybe including the top 5 skins with the next release?
A prize? Why not just give them a piece of immortality (ie stick their name on the about box :D ).
New idea, based on the fact that shadow is thinking of skinning the entire of PCSX2.

Just a rough one atm, need alot of work imo, but feed back always welcomed.

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