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I have a problem in PCSX2 0.7, everytime i want to test a game, the emulator just crashes, i get an alert "pcsx2.exe hat ein Problem festgestellt und muss beendet werden.". This is German and means "pcsx2.exe experienced a problem and must get closed".
I tested this with FFX and FFX2 Pal, in Version 0.6 i was able to get to the menu of FFX. My Configuration is:
PCSX2 0.7 (bugfix release)
Gsdx9 0.6
Peops Spu 1.2
Peops DVD 1.2
Bios: Pal 1.60(dunno the SCPH-XXXXX, because the filename is just bios.bin)
I tried to use Recompiler and Interpreter.

You can see my hardware configuration in my signature.

Can anyone help me?

ゲート オーペン!
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pls search b4 posting, this has been told around 500 times, PCSX2 doesn't play FFX or FFX-2 yet, it barely gets to the main menu if u get lucky, the only special thing you can do know is get to the memory card with the bios that's about it, you might see a few games, try looking at the cheats part, and activate the ones related to FFX dont expect anything special you might see part of the presentation and the main menu (note u wont see good graphic on the presentation) and again. dont expect anything more than u saw in the .6 version. pls use search first

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