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PCSX Windows Release!

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Friday, July 20, 2001
Release time! - posted by: akumax

Well, after many many months, the new windows version of Pcsx is here at last! With memory card support, cd-xa, mdec, two player pads and much more compatible with games. The release file comes with all the necessary plug-ins that work ok with Pcsx (thanks Pete et al!) and needs only the bios file to run (that you will find yourselves!). Go to the files section of the site to get it.
One remark only, if you haven't tested Pcsx before, when you first run the emulator, it shows a warning message, brings up the config window and may crash afterwards. Don't worry, it'll run ok the second time you run the program. It's a little bug which we have found the last minute.Unfortunately, we are going away on a trip in twelve hours and there isn't any more time for bugfixing, but we decided to release it as it is as we promised yesterday, so you all don't have to wait another ten days for the release. It's a small bug and will be surely removed in the next windows version, which will hopefully come MUCH sooner than the last one! We have already promised more frequent releases!
Italy we are coming! Beware!
AkumaX / Shadow
cool! :cool:
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Good work man........!
Thanks again:)
Well I have tried this emulator and I must say that they made a godd progress.......but I must also say that this emulator is also full with a lot of Bugs..........I don't mean to offened.........but it is just my review...............!

The Emulator has got some fairly low compatability.I tried three games.Namely

Atlantis,Smack Down!2 and Dino Crisis.

All of these three games showd big bugs.The game Atlantis and Dino Crisis hanged in the begining after showing the introduction screens whereas the Game Smack Down2! ran perfectly excep they characters where not there during the game play.The characters looked like shahdows.I am gona try a few more game with it.

Well I hope no one felt bad from this review.I say it again that I am not offending anyone.It is just that I am talking about this emu.What these Boards are ment for here are my emulation concerns.

I apologize in advance if someone felt offended.........:)

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thanks for the news. i'm gonna try it asap!

i dont think you offended anyone. but i wouldnt draw conclusions so quickly, like after 3 games.
Also you might wanna post your config and spec for reference.
thanks for the info anyway.
arghhhh it doesn t work w/ win2k :(

too bad......
Rargh is right, pcsx doesn't run in win2k :(
Also, I've had no luck running it in win9x yet...
Yes, PCSX doesn't work in Win2k, and the compat is very low..

All these things are known.
Originally posted by CDBuRnOuT
Yes, PCSX doesn't work in Win2k, and the compat is very low..

All these things are known.
I didn t know...
Rargh, I think that what CD means is that the PCSX authors are aware of these issues. That is usually what is ment when it is said "that something is known about".
I am very pleased with this release, it is very much improved over the last release. I also think we are spoiled because we have awesome emulators like ePSXe, AdriPSX, and FPSE, so we have high expectations, but just remember how much work they have put into it, and to be able to even boot most games is an accomplishment. Just a reminder :D
Unfortunately, I am unable get this program to launch, so I'm going to wait till the next release. Still, I can't wait to try it out though. :)
I can't make it work either. I can configure it alright, but when I try to launch it, I get one of those anoying messages saying that pcsx cause some error in "unknown" or in kernel32. I tryed all different kinds of configurations, with no sucess.

It could be a problem with the pad plugins. I can only get it to work if I use a different plugin for PAD 1 and PAD 2.

If you already configured both players with the same pad plugin, so it crashes all the time, try this:
- open regedit, under HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software, delete the Pcsx key (I think it holds ALL pcsx configuration)
- make sure you have the null pad plugin (downloadable at, along with the pad plugin you use, in the plugin folder
- run pcsx and configure PAD 1 with your pad plugin, and PAD 2 with the null pad plugin.

it should not crash anymore. if it still does, try removing all plugins, and put back only the ones you use.

I haven't gotten any of my fav games to work tho. So I tried "the MOST compatible PSX game with emulators" :) which is Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter; it works nearly perfectly under VGS, bleem!, PSEmu Pro, ePSXe, AdriPSX and FPSE (did I miss any?). Well it runs under PCSX, and is playable. But there are some minor but annoying sound and graphics problems, and is a little slow. That said, it is yet another promising emulator. If what the website said is true - that more frequent updates will come - then things might start to get interesting here.
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takwu, thanks a lot for all the help.

After I used the fixed Iori spu, I got the emu to boot. Didn't get any games working, but I haven't tryed too many. So far: in Alundra 2, the game starts, but the screen goes black when the intro movie should play, and there's no response from the emu; in Megaman X5 I get the sound of the starting screen, but there's no image (black screen) and no response from the emu.

The strangest thing is that I cannot use the Configuration->Plugins &Bios option in the gui - I always get the error message "pcsx caused an error in <unknown>". But I can still configure the plugins that are selected, and I can select any plugin I want by editing the registry (thanks for the tip!).

I'll test the other games I have and see what pcsx is capable of. It sure is a promising emulator. Obviously it isn't as powerfull as ePSXe or any of the other emus, but that's because it has not been developed for so long as they have. All we can do is give the authors some testing and support, and hope that they can develop the program to a higher level.
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