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PCSX Win32/Linux

Two brand new releases for <a href="" target="new">PCSX</a> for everyone to mess with. One release for <b>Win32 (0.9.250)</b> and the other for <b>linux (0.9.500)</b>. It states on the site that even tho the versions of the two are different they are basicly the same. Unfortunatly the files are down at time im posting, but we'll have the files and a list of fixes for the new releases right here as soon as we can get them. Also there was a new release of the joypadXwin, bringing it to version 1.3 you can get it here. <a href="">joypadXwin 1.3</a>

<b>Update by Bobbi : </b>While the files are still not reaachable, I got them through our FTP and upped them on this part on the server (they are on the same as we are, but for some reason ours work - at least for now, the server is unstable today) and also took a look at the changes in this release, which are listed as the following :<ul><li>fix cd-da mci funcs
<li>perfect cdrom timing,second irq in cd-rom decoder,rewrote the decoder
<li>fixed XA should work all times now
<li>Header in pcsx savestates
<li>rewrote MVMVA-fix in NCS-NCT-Rewrote NCCS,NCC,CC,gpf
<li>sio timing improved
<li>speedup in dynarec
<li>MDEC decoder rewrote in ASM</ul>Impressive to say at least ... you can download the windows version <a href="/psx/pcsx/download/">from here</a> and the latest linux version <a href="/psx/pcsx/download/LPcsx-0.9.500.tgz">here</a>. We are working on getting the downloads on the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">PCSX homepage</a> working again, so check back soon.
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