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PCSX & Valkyrie Profile : a close call...

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While the previous version of PCSX was very unfriendly towards VP, this one achieved something I haven't thought possible on any emu but VGS... it succesfully emulated the 2D battles without a single freeze ! ...I'll be more specific right away:

a) Playing VP on PCSX while using Pete's Soft or Pete's OGL plugin, the 2D battles play almost perfectly. I say "almost" because the animation is jerky from time to time, but there are NO freezes whatsoever. The funny thing is that even the allmighty VGS was experiencing minor freezes in battles !! (although that could be remedied by pressing the "select" button). The bad news is that the 3D map behaves EXACTLY like VGS ...this means that the emulator freezes/crashes when Valkyrie is facing the mountains :(

b) Playing VP on PCSX while using Pete's DX plugin, the 3D map behaves almost like the "patched/Pec activated" version of VGS, meaning you can navigate the map without any problem, visit towns etc. but you get to see EVERYTHING in black. Some of you might think "so what ? ...this means we can finally play VP using only one emu, and no patches..." ...well, let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet... the downside of using Pete's DX plugin is that the 2D battles are almost unplayable - not because of freezing, but because of the characters (yours & the enemy) sprites and background NOT being there :mad: ...oh, the sheer irony of it all !!!

...and something I noticed at the very last minute: It seems that VP on PCSX has "inherited" all the random freezes of ePSXe (could this be a cdr plugin problem ?) OUTSIDE the battles (like the audience with odin, the Prologue etc.) which, naturally, completely destroys the whole experience, and which also means that ....errr...I probably shouldn't start this thread anyway :rolleyes: ...bummer !!!
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lol! but really, sights, that was a pretty nifty discovery you made. :) i hope it helps the emulation scene in knowing how to emulate VP successfully in their next releases. they will, im sure of's just a matter of time. :)
Thank you, for your kind words Miki !! ...I am also very optimistic about the future of VP. I feel that the time to play this rpg the way it should be played, is almost at hand !! :)
So close.... so close....
i really want 2 play this game one one emu w/out all the whatnot.
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