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PCSX-Reloaded Alpha 2 Released

PCSX-Reloaded is a fork of the PCSX-df Project, with several bugfixes & improvements, as well as a Windows port.

Changes in Alpha 2 release:

- Added ability to run CD images directly.
- Added ability to switch CD images.
- GNU/Linux port: Integrated P.E.Op.S OpenGL Driver into the build tree. Ported the configuration utility to GTK2.
- GNU/Linux port: Added Cheat Code manager (Cheat Search is still not implemented).
- GNU/Linux port: Improved compatibility with x86_64 systems.
- GNU/Linux port: Supported translation of plugin configuration utilities.
- Tweaked UI.
- Bugfixes.

Changes to the original PCSX-df 1.9 in the Alpha 1 Release:

- Backported to Windows.
- PCSX-df XVideo Plugin: Don't allow screen saver in fullscreen mode.
- PCSX-df XVideo Plugin: Don't show the GNOME panels in fullscreen mode.
- Minor bugfixes for UI.
- Fixed a bug which caused crash in FF8 Final Boss Fight.
- GCC 4.3 support.

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