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So yea clearly as you see in title i use Pcsx Mac. i was using Flarestorm 2 but while running final fantasy 7 the game im trying to play, it froze and i lost my data. so im wondering if anyone knows a way to convert epsxe to pcsx saved files. n might i add i use a non intel mac ibook g4, 800mhz powerpc g4 with 640mb of ram running on Mac os x 10.4.11. yes i know its a old machine but all i have :(. anyways if anyone knows how to convert that or even how to convert it to the flarestorm 2 saved file i'd be greatful or even have a saved file near the materia hunter boss area, or to an extent a site that gives saved files for either pcsx or flarestorm 2. also if not does anyone know the clear setup for pcsx for mac n all the neccesary programing done to it to run ff7 because when i try and play it it freezes at the exact first battle.

thank you for any further help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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