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pcsx-df homepage

PCSX-df 1.10 release 29 March 2009
(df focuses mostly on linux PCSX-Reloaded - Home has pcsx-reloaded that incorpartes changes from pcsx-df and also has windows improvements)

The following changes are part of this release:

* Add support for loading ISO/BIN images from the command line
* Modifications to the UI, particularly for the preferences screen
* Various PCSX core amendments, including commencement of an integrated debugger
* Many bug fixes

And heres a summary of what it brings to the table from its homepage:

PCSX-df, being adapted from PCSX, contains all of its features including its advanced, fully emulated BIOS and wide game compatibility along with the following enhancements:

* Interface using GTK2 and Glade
* Vastly reduced number of segfaults and fatal errors
* Support for AMD64
* Modern build system using the GNU autotools
* Integrated set of open-source plugins
* Accelerated 2D graphics using Xvideo
* Support for translations using GNU Gettext
* Multi-user support (configuration in home directory)
* Simplified, smarter configuration dialogs & routines
* Reorganized memory card manager
* ... and many other improvements!
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