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PCSX(box) question

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I have been playing with PCSX(xbox port ) for a few hours now, version 11 if it helps.

The test platform i'm trying is DW7, i prepared my images, ftpd them up. and when i go to actually play the game, the sound is great, controller responds, but the text dialog screens flicker out of view. I've tried

odd/even bit hack
expand sceen width
ignore black brightness
disable coord check
use low-res fps timer (not sure why i'd enable this, but i was being systematic)
use PC fps calc (again, not sure, but why not)
lazy screen updates
use old frame skipping

in different combinations, or none of the above.. i'm trying to play on a good old standard NTSC tv.

any suggestions on how to get this thing running? If the answers not possible. thats fine too, i'm a patient person (sort of)

FYI. this is the only game i've tried so far. my FFVII cd1's not being very cooperative with my dvd-rom... Though I'll be trying others tonight as well.

Just saw that you guys were fairly active, and thought i'd ask around.

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Hmm...we may have to test it out ourselves...hopefully we can get back to you about it
So far, I have gotten Breath of Fire 3 working. I can confirm that DW7 still glitches, booting from either CD.

The initial new/continue menu is where I am diagnosing the problem, given another couple days I can link you screenshots (getting my computer reinstalled as we speak)
Image files

trust me i know what you're going through. one of my images works (castlevania)... some just freeze at the loading screen... some get into the game and freeze... i've tried a few options but there's just so much. any hlep on these problems would be great!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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