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I don't think it would take long to make it compatible with multiples cores/processors. In C++ you can pick which processor a thread can run on when you create the thread... and thats all you have to do (well, pretty much) :p

But really... since this program is so CPU bottlenecked, i still think that that would be the end all of 60fps. 15-30fps x 2 (+lack of windows overhead on a processor) = 30-60fps+ :) (the goal would just to be to split up the threads so that both processors are equally stressed)

I don't currently have a x-2 system to play around with (and i'm not sure if the emu authors do either). Maybe we should all donate and buy them one :). Otherwise they can't run the compiled code if they did make it for multiprocessor threading.

Anyone else heard about the rumours that P5 is dropping x86 support complete except for translation? scary stuff :p
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