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Pc Game Shredders can not recognize x360

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Hi there ... The new version of x360ce v.4 does not load properly at all crashes to the desktop after 2 seconds when my controller is plugged in. The previous version works with every game but the game I was most hyped about. "SHREDDERS"(best Snowboard freestyle Simulator game ever) ... Despite that it is configured properly and the exe file put in the game directory when you open the game none of the buttons nor the sticks recognized as if x360 is not working at all. It is being ignored for some reason. I have a lot of games which does not recognize the gamepad I have without x360 on my windows 10 pro that's why I use it with success but this game doesn't work with either of the methods. Any ideas ??? :(
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try contacting emulator support, they will know how to fix it
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