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It is pathetic how you all suck up to each other and disagree with me just because you don't want your "community" to faulter it's ignorant way of thinking.

On the other hand, I managed to get Monster Rancher 2 (only) to work with Pete's OpenGL. Nothing else would work because my Voodoo3000 was PCI. ePSXe was confused with such advance, "cheap" hardware.

I have to run it in a window. Normally, the computer would implode but that Ok since I have 256 PC-133 on a 1.2 Giga Hertz.
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Nice to see what an idiot you actually are - one more like that and it was your last visit to this board. No one forces you to come here and neither do we need such stupid and useless comments.

And when you can't get ePSXe to work correct, that's certainly not our fault, no one forces you to use a product you haven't even paid for.
Are you still at it? Lay off already. Posting a message where you start off by insulting all of us is just going to start it all over again. I'll say this once and once only, if you don't like ePSXe don't use it and if you think we are "pathetic" then don't come on the boards anymore. It's that simple, UNDERSTAND???
Satan's picture says it all very well. 10 points to you Satan.
One last thing, I AM an Aministrator here and I don't care what you think of me or say about me, I'm above that. But as an administrator, I'm warning you for the last time, STOP!!!:mad:
I have a Voodoo3000 PCI and it works just fine...
Sorry Bobbi, I must have been writing my post as you were sending yours. What I told him just backs you up. He is really "pissing" me off.:mad:
i spent hours drawing those wonderful pics......and still......fuck it......i don't care anymore...
UM guys the moron's just looking for some attention .ignore the fool and delete his thread's and throw him out ...He'll get tired and stop wasting our time
I still liked the pictures :D - But ice is right just leave the bastard alone and he won't care anymore. Sorry about the bastard comment... hehehe what a complainer........
Originally posted by 8 bit Orgy

... because my Voodoo3000 was PCI .... I have 256 PC-133 on a 1.2 Giga Hertz.
Gawd that's one HELL of a bottleneck. A PCI graphics card in a GHZ machine...It'd probably run faster if you used software mode:p

In all seriousness though man, calm down. I have read all the previous threads and there is no need to shorten your life or everyone elses due to unnessesary stress.

Ps I'd advise that you remove the link to you web site as I am sure the admins do not appeciate links to child porn on the board.

You do realize you're a moron right?

Here is my advice AGAIN!!!:
1. GET ANOTHER NICKNAME, if you want to ask other "rational" thing in this board
2. Pls, use the nicer comment or question.
3. Act like a grown ups....even if you aren't
I'm supposed to change my identity because people have misconceptions and grudges against me?!

Sir, that sounds a little immature in your part.
come on 8 it down d00d....just enjoy your stay.....and be nice.....cos all of the members here are ePSXe fanatics....:)
*sigh* Given the language, content and overall attitude on the site I was expecting you to make such a comment.

In fact the very point that it (being the said web site that you so gracefully crafted) exists only hightens my suspicion that the only real reason for your membership on this board was to flame users in the first place. That is all.
ill say it 4 the last time (even if u insult me after)
GO FLAME YER FUKIN MOTHER! (i heard this somewere, just dont know where)
really man, grow up... u shouldv been banned a long time ago...
Neojag, at the rate he is going, he will be, he will be. Thanks Yoda.
he doesn't deserve banning 4 posting his opinion.....he didn't break any rules.....
yeah, he didn't!!

i haven't read the rules, but it should state there that u cannot insult others after being warned!!

but fuck it!!!

8 bit orgy, if u can't run ePSXe, because of some lack of intelligence, fuck u!!

giving an example: i once wasn't able to install Linux but i didn't say that OS was shit!! my knowledge at the time was but the OS wasn't!! so ur knowledge now is shit (concernig ePSXe) but in the future it could change (think not!!)
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