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patch skip logo

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hello all my problem is full metal alchemist 3 block at square enix whats the find patern to skip logo please thanks you :thumb:
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no its the logo square enix is block no the video help please
or give one tutorial for ps2dis please
patch init voice?? patch ffx works??sorry but i love this game hi hi
whats the code of find patern ckemu please???
full metal alchemist 3
1/i open ps2dis
2/i jump to adress 0012604C its the adress for ffx is works to full metal
3/the ligne complete is
0012604c a1200002 sb zero , $0002(tl)
4/i double clic to this ligne in label i enter INIT SOUND
5/the patch does not works whats the problem

please help me thanks you
look my patch
gametitle=full metal alchemist 3
whats the indications to find this m........ f....... code
1 - 10 of 24 Posts
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