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patch skip logo

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hello all my problem is full metal alchemist 3 block at square enix whats the find patern to skip logo please thanks you :thumb:
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hmm i very much doubt its the logo that hangs, most likely sound init on a square enix game, youre better off trying to make a sound init patch like the one for FFX-2
tedou said:
its sound error???
yes, its not the first game to suffer that problem, FFX-2 is exactly the same, find out how sound init patches work from other games, for example what it patches in FFX-2 to work, and then find it in your game
tedou said:
patch init voice?? patch ffx works??sorry but i love this game hi hi
and that made nooooo sense to me at all
*engrish mode*

address code of sound not will be same as ffx, code different place will be.

*english mode*

the address of the code you want for the sound init will not be in the same place as with ffx, it WILL be different.
tedou said:
whats the indications to find this m........ f....... code
dont know personally, but please, STOP DOUBLE POSTING.

if you need to say something else use the EDIT button, u know this one....................................................................\/\/\/\/\/
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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