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Hello all... i just recently installed ePSXe, and tried Chrono Cross which seems to work fine. THen I tried Parasite Eve, the graphics and sound are fine, but my gamepad (Microsoft Sidewinder Gamepad) doesn't respond. It works in Chrono Cross, though.
Am I doing anything wrong? It is configured properly and is connected, as it is obviously since it works in other games and programs. :confused:

If the joystick doesn't seem to be able to be fixed, is it possible to only use the keyboard or mouse in epsxe? How is that configured?

AMD 1.4 Ghz
512 MB RAM
Geforce-2 v7100 pro
Sb Live! Value
Microsoft Sidewinder Gamepad
Sony BIOS (both 7502 and 1001)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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