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Parasite Eve 2

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Is Parasite Eve 2 playable in ePSXe? I have not been able to run the game. The intro movie loads for VGS, but then freezes and will not do anything. In ePSXe, the game freezes when the copyright with white text shows up. Any patch, workaround? Should I post my current configs? I'll post them if someone replies saying that they were able to run the game. :)

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fpse is the only emu capable of emulating pe2....
Right now? Does v0.09 run PE2 successfully?
yes........fpse runs Parasite eve 2 but with some graphics glitches.... the shoulders and knee's of charactors are missing..... other than that, the game runs pretty good on my system...... Of course you may need a powerful system to run the game at a decent rate...... ON my computer it runs 55-60 fps...... in fpse on all mdecs and in game play..... I got a tbird 1000 though..... with a voodoo 5 5500.... Oh, and only pete's gpu pluggins work with the game....... lewpy's gpu doesn't run pe2 on fpse for some reason.....hmm...... too bad...... it would run it better on my system if it ran........:(
Okay, I have a question about the plugins. Can I just use all the ones I have in ePSXe right now? Or do I have to find FPSE specific plugins?
you can use ePSXe Plugins on FPSE
uhhh...too baad fpse only works perfect on higher computer class, not on my 333 **sigh** :)
I have to disagree with you there.
I've got a Celery 300 and FPSE works fine albeit slow but it's on par with EPSXe.
But then again i used no sound plugin.
PE 2 runs an average of 30 fps in D3D (Pete's D3D) and 22 fps on software (Kazz's).
Oh yeah, Vagrant Story ran an average 45+ fps on my system.

spec: Celly 300, Ati rage pro 4Mb, 32 Mb Ram
that's not what I call running good....... That's what i call playable....... 30 fps ......... That's half speed..... Plus no sound!?...... Not so fun for me..... but playable...... Fpse doesn't run as fast as epsxe...... I have tested all the games I have on both emus and epsxe is noticeably faster in all games... Except parasite eve 2 where it doesn't even run in epsxe...... I am pretty sure if it did, it would run faster on epsxe..... The game runs 55-60 fps on my system with a sound pluggin...... And the sound and music is fine...... so far...... But remember my system specs......
Just because you have a Celeron 300 doesn't mean you can't run ePSXe perfectly well, you just may have to work harder at it is all.
But fivefeet8 is right, 30, 22, and 45 FPS is not normal speed. For PAL games it is 50 FPS and for NTSC games it is 60 FPS. If you aren't getting at least close to those, like fivefeet8 is, then you need to tweak your settings a bit more.
hey sxamiga,

I think he was talking about running pe2 on fpse not epsxe.... but I get your point..... YOu can still run epsxe and fpse on a lower end system if you tweak your settings for optimal speed..... I use to run at 800x600 on my amd k62 533 with a voodoo 3 3000 pci and most games ran at 50 to 60 fps with some of the extra graphics effects turned off.... It just seems to me though, through my testing of both fpse and epsxe, that epsxe runs faster on my system than fpse..... but of course fpse is not as advanced as epsxe yet.....
Can somebody please post me your FPSE configuration? (lower system, especially) >>> please skip those graphic and sound plugin configuration since it's the same as using ePSXe...I have a 333, 128 ram, and tnt2 card. But on FPSE, I tried different games already and the worst happened to Legend of Dragoon, it's fps ONLY 2.8 FPS!!!! When I was trying to use Magic...**sigh** sadd...;)
Hmm, what is the normal FPS for playing? Don't you just need 30 FPS, or does more FPS make the game look better or something?
well the gpu pluggins for epsxe and fpse use a kind of percentage fps.... Most psx games don't run at 60 fps.... when you see 60 fps it just means that its running at 100% fps..... if its 30 fps then its running at 50%.. Many psx games run at 30 fps on a real psx.... On the emulator it says 60 but it really means 100% fps meaning 30 fps on a real psx...... When I run gran tourismo, I know it isn't really going 60 fps..... the game can only go about 30 to 40 fps on a real psx... So the 30 or 60 you see in the emulators aren't the actual fps of the game...... except in a game like tekken 3 where its suppose to run 60 fps on a real psx... then it becomes close to the actual fps..... The normal fps for ntsc games is 60 and for pal its 50....... on the emulators..... The closer the fps comes to 60 and 50 the better the games will animate and play..... try to play xmen vs sf arcade at 10 fps and you will see that the closer the fps is to 60 the better......
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