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Parasite Eve 2 ( slow )

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Hope someone can help me with this. I got Parasite Eve 2 to work but it seems that it is quite slow... umm... too slow to really enjoy the game.:(

I wonder is it because of my lousy computer spec. MGS works fine though on EPXSE although the cinematics a bit choppy!
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you got it......... your specs....... time to upgrade dude...... or upgrade later...... or try to turn off all extra stuff and run in 640x480....... turn off sound..... no fun without sound though.....
Well, there is only one problem. No money. Anyway, thanks for the tip... ;)
If you have no money
best way is try to overclock your CPU ;)
Actually I tried that. Using my motherboard ability to adjust cpu speed settings. Unfortunately, when I tried to boot up it just hangs. I wonder whether is it because I did it wrong. It does have one option saying that "to stop for error" or something like that. But I did not really want to try it in case my whole CPU is fried... :dead: then I would not have a PC at all :emb:

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.

Hope you understand what I'm trying to say :p
:: to overclock, many ways that can be your obstacles ::

1st, get a good cooling fan ( or try to put double or even triple fans on your heatsink)
2nd higher the voltage
3rd always experiment with FSB settings, multiplier is the last resort
4th pray to God :)

but that also depends on your mobo ability...
How do you increase the voltage?
Well for one those p2's are a royal pain to overclock. I'd recommend looking through several sites on how to overclock. are a couple I'd recommend. Also really your best alternative right now would be to bite the bullet, go out and mow some lawns clip a few hedges sell yourself on the street corner etc and get yourself a nice cheap celery as those overclock very nicely, also a duron would be a very good investment if you're an amd fan. Hmm I'm digressing ... well yes you probably really won't get much out of overclocking for it to be worth your while. Tata!
Actually, after trying to overclock the CPU again without success... I've decided to GIVE UP. :) The funny thing is after setting the FSB higher, I either get a slower speed or the same!!! :eek:

I guess I'll save to buy a notebook. Anyone know whether Dell's notebook is reliable? It has the best specs and the price is competitive.
>I guess I'll save to buy a notebook
I'd hope that you're not planning to solve the problem you initially posted with one, seeing as how the combination of power savings features (that is, ones that're built in, lower performance memory/hard drive/etc), optimization towards portability, and lousy graphics subsystems are the hallmarks of just about any given notebook.
but in epsxe does, parasite eve 2 works though? as in graphic and sound performance? is it playable (if you assume that your computer is fast enough)?

btw, my p2 400 @ 533 works really well! really easy to overclock my p2!
no, parasite eve doesn't work in epsxe....... locks up at the sony screen.......
"...lousy graphics subsystems are the hallmarks of just about any given notebook."

Actually the one I'm interested in is sort of a desktop replacement.

It has Pentium III 1Ghz, 16MB GEForce2 Go, 15" XGA TFT, etc...

Not bad for a notebook right. I need it because I'm leaving soon for my studies.
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