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Can anyone of you tell me how to configurate FPSE?

I´m trying to play Parasite Eve 2, but when run fpse, i just simply can´t start it.

- Where do i should put the plugins?

I have the "Aldo´s Plugins Pack"; i have already put them in the plugins directory and in the PSEMU directory too, but it doesn´t recognize them.

It also freeze when i´m trying to configure any one of the plugins it has.

- What i have to do with the bios?

My system is:

- Windows ME (Spanish Version)
- 120 Mb Ram (with 8 Mb share with the Video card)
- SiS 630 (8 MB)
- Intel Pentium 3 - 1 GHz
- CDRom 48X
- Joypad (i use a converter to connect my PSX pad to my parallel Port)

I will apreciate any help about this...

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