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Hi! I've got some problem with my game... Can someone help me out?

This was the scenario... (I dunno if anyone have played this ps1 game before)
I was playing Parasite Eve 2 on Disc 2...
It was night and Aya is about to leave the Mojave Desert City (I duno the name, forgot) with Kyle on the busted pickup truck and when they got into the truck and supposed to be, an FMV will follow showing those camel-horse-like creatures on a cliff... but what happened is that nothing showed on the screen... no fmv... no sound... it was all black...

here's what i've been using on epsxe 1.7
pete opengl2
epsxe cdr plugin default for xp

and my video config... the "nice default" setting
sound is also on default

*VC is Geforce 6600 256 mb
I've solved it now... it was the ccd and sub file that's missing... I re-extracted the game again and got no problems now...
Mods sorry for the bother... You can close this thread :D
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