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whenever i hit the start button when running the game from an ISO, the emulation freezes cant move cant do anything....

my specs
Video: Pete's Opengl Driver v1.76
Sound: Eternals SPU Plugin 1.41
CD-Rom: PEOPS CDR driver v1.4
Bios: scph1001

2.8 ghz pentium 4
1 gig ram
radeon 9700
Direct x 9.0c

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First make sure the original you made the ISO from isn't scratched up or has disk rot. If there's bad data on the original, the ISO could be bad.

- Do you encounter any problems running your original disk in your PS2 or PS1?
- Any visible scratches on the underside or (especially) the label side?
- If you hold the disk up to a bright light, can you see light shining through what looks like pinholes or scratches?
- If you look at the disk from the bottom side, do you see a pattern of discoloration under the surface that looks like coffee rings?
- Did you run KProbe2 or Nero CD-DVD Speed and get a high count for C1/C2 correctable errors?

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