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i know im a bit late but this really was a great watch:

Speed it up!

nice to see how the NullDCe Pandora/ARM version is coming along! :) awesome performance considering it isnt optimized yet!

i hope it wont take too much time to possibly make a port to Maemo 5 linux/Nokia N900... i think both pandora and n900 have the same CPU/SoC... (i still remember an old thread where psyman mentioned something interresting in the final words: ;))

on a sidenote to the developers of this awesome emu:

dont forget to eat healthy food (=atleast 50% vegetables) and also dont forget to try living an active life.

i was also a coder when i was a teenager. unfortunatly when i grew up and got an own appartment i started a new lifestyle only living on junkfood, crisps, candy and soft drinks. and at the same time the coding sessions could get much longer (perhaps 15 hours) - and after such long coding sessions i almost lost the ability to walk and speak. i was completly dizzy and when i put the head on the pillow to sleep all i could think about was new optimization ideas and rearranging code in the head and implementing new stuff.

after a couple of years i realised that lifestyle was suicide... today ive gotten so ill that im sleepy all the time - ive forgotten 99% of everything ive learned about computers/coding and ive forgotten alot of other stuff too (i even have a hard time keeping track of mi age, friends names, pin codes, passwords, etc), and ive been forced to stop hanging with many friends because i cant keep up with everything... if i could go back in time, i would maybe code for a maximum of 1-2 hours, and then i would take a walk or make some physical activities, maybe with friends, and then eat some healthy food while still doing some "mental coding in the head"... that way the body/head would stay healthy and i wouldnt get exhausted and lose interrest in the projects... usually when i lost interrest in a project i realised that it was because i had started losing the memory and understanding of the project i worked on - probably because of the self torturing lifestyle. that way i lost both the concentration, understanding, focus and the motivation.

EDIT: the reason im mentioning all this is because of drk||raziel's signature on the emudev forums:
"Slowly drifting towards madness"
...and i can see where u're coming from ...u're used to a certain level of awareness and mental capability... it can be very scary to lose some of it and leave the safeness of what u can expect from yourself... if u feel u cant keep up with everything and everyone - then dont prioritize the computer in favor of friends... the coding will in time only make it even worse and force u to sacrifice more and more...

u cant negotiate with health - health is brutal and dominant and u're a slave under it! :( :)

anyways... enough rambling...

thanks for making the best DC emu on the planet! :)
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