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My TV had a color problem. The screen in red color. I had tried solder all the color transistor behind the tube but still no luck. Now, I need to adjust the red color to lower setting. For that I need to enter service mode. Anyone know a service mode button for this TV model? Tried the remote sequence:

To enter service mode:
With remote or TV front panel controls.
1. Select the SETUP icon and select CABLE tuner mode
2. Select the TIMER icon and set the SLEEP time for 30 minutes.
3. Exit the Action menus.
4. Tune to Channel 124
5. Adjust volume to zero.
But mine only had 99 channel and sleep timer 30 min. Tried but the service mode not appear.

Another method from here:
Panasonic Serviceman Mode (Electronic Controls)
Short test point FA1 to cold ground FA2 (A-board: TP pin 8 to pin 3)
Receiver is in Aging Mode with yellow 'CHK' in the upper-left corner
Press Action and VU on the control panel and 'CHK' should be in red
The set is now in Serviceman Mode, of which there are five (5) separate Serviceman Modes:
I can't understand where was the FA1 and FA2 point. Any suggestion how to fix the color problem?
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