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Palms have no powerful processor. The Handspring Visor Deluxe I own only has a 44MHz processor. Also the more modern Pocket PCs only have a processor of around 400MHz, so even if GBA emulation was avaliable, there would be serious slowdowns.

In conclusion, Palms are out of the picture for NGemulation. Until Pocket PCs start to pack more speed, it will also be impossible too
Um, my Palm Zire 72 packs a PXA270 312 MHz processor which is one of the higher end XScale models. And, I have it running at 520 MHz btw. So in other words, emulation might be possible for these systems. Oh, and what would cause serious slowdowns? The GBA emulation? I mean they did get a running PSX emulator for PPCs right?

Why does Pocket PC steal all the emulators leaving few for Palm? :(
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