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PAL? ISO? NTSC? What/where??

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'nuff said:

What are these things and how do you get them? I hear people using PALs but I have no idea what they are?
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pal - europe
ntsc/us - us
ntsc/j - japanese
here ya go....
oh, and the ISO is a burned copy of you cd.....
Isn't there a downloadable file that is basicaly a Playstation ROM? I'm guessing they are illegal...
yup....iso's are psx roms.....and it's totally illegal....
every major country in gaming (us,eroupe,japan) have a different TV display type. Pal=Europe - NTSC=USA - NTSC/J=Japan. It isn't an acessory or anything. An ISO is a complete copy of a CD in the form of one big file (with the .iso extension).
are u blind.....i already told him that....sheeesh....
I know, but how you explained it wasen't good enough for me. :p
hehe....but he know it's not hard.....anyway....peace.....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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